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How to Make a Facebook Page for Your YouTube Channel

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If you are planning to run your own YouTube channel, you have many other sources to connect as many audiences as you can. Facebook pages are leading the world with Facebook Live videos, so connect your YouTube account to the Facebook page.

Already started a YouTube channel you want to connect it to the Facebook page where you have a huge fan following. Once if you connected YouTube channel to a Facebook page each new upload appear in your personal timeline.

Whenever your friends visit your page they will see all uploads and latest videos from your YouTube channel. Your views on a Facebook page and YouTube account are counted from a Facebook page.

How To Connect Facebook Page To YouTube Channel:

If you are creating a Facebook Page first think once about the type of category your YouTube channel belongs to. Select that category to create a page for your brand, make sure that you can promote your brand or category whenever you would like to move.

First Log into Your Facebook Account.

In the Facebook account on search box type “YouTube” and click on it.

In the search results, you will find “YouTube for Pages”, “YouTube tab for pages “ in apps column.

Click on “YouTube app” on the search results for YouTube own application, it may have some competing fan pages in search results.

Allow “YouTube app for pages” and install it to add Your Facebook page.

After that, you will a window to add your Business page to add the channel. If you are the administrator of one page you will see the name to add.

Else if you are an administrator to many pages it will show you a drop-down list to select the right page to add YouTube channel.

Click on “add YouTube URL” to add YouTube channel to a Facebook page. Save the setting for YouTube link on a Facebook page. If you have more than one YouTube channels it will show you the list select any of them.

Type the YouTube Channel Name on a text box and save settings.

Navigate the YouTube channel, click on “YouTube” logo on the top section your Facebook page.

Enter some name or give a name to the YouTube channel videos text box, and click on “Save” option.

You can add additional information you would like to give specific changes to your page.

Reason Behind Connect YouTube Channel To Facebook Page:

YouTube can boost your online sales through video advertisements. If you would like to drag all your potential customers and fans to engage on YouTube channel, this is the easy trick.

This trick will lead more engagement with an audience, stay longer period on your page, encourage them to share on other social media sites with the friends and boost the number of user and viewers to YouTube channel.

Creation of this process is not that hard as like writing designing coding pages, it’s simple, user-friendly environment 100% free to use.

The things you need is Facebook page creation, YouTube channel username to give a name to your account and it takes less than a minute.


The easiest way to boost more viewers and users to YouTube channel is creating the Facebook page for your brands. You would like to view latest uploads from your YouTube channel on Facebook profile this is the best option to grab more audience. Try it it’s simple and user-friendly.

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