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How to Live Stream Pre-recorded Video in a YouTube Live

Live Stream Pre-recorded Video in a YouTube Live

Live video live streaming ranks higher in search results than other videos. Many may not know but pre-recorded content can be used to set up live stream event to rank higher. Wirecast can be used to stream pre-recorded content on YouTube Live. This is a very lengthy and multi-step process. Live Stream Pre-recorded Video in a YouTube live can be found here.

To do the live streaming of pre-recorded content on YouTube Live, the ‘Live’ streaming feature needs to be enabled. Encoding software is downloaded to start the streaming. The content can be captured by the software. The content can be from the desktop, camera, microphone etc and is sent to YouTube live.

We all know about streaming on YouTube Live. There may be some situations where prerecorded content should be made a part of the live video. Wirecast and Wirecast Pro allow the live and motion overlays on live content. Wirecast uses layers concept in the video. Live video feed is the main layer for a broadcast.

Layer 1 is the uppermost layer where the material that should always be visible like the company logo is in this layer. Live video feed is usually in the third layer. Extra video material, background images go in layer 4 and audio is in layer 5. Wirecast standard and Pro versions are available and the decision about the version needs to be taken based on the nature of the broadcast. It is possible to change between live and recorded video and also to record the content in retrievable file formats.

The process of broadcasting with prerecorded content can be made simple of challenging by the encoder being used. There are some tools available such as Wirecast, vMix, VidBlaster.

To stream on YouTube Live, enable the ‘Live streaming’ feature and push the pre-recorded video file. Check the supported media encoders that should be used. After setting up the stream, the pre-recorded content can be stream event as a real live event.


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