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How To Link To Specific Timestamps On YouTube Videos

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We all know that YouTube is the most powerful and engaging social media platform with a million real-time audience in the present market. All business brands from start-ups to expert’s focus is only YouTube to elaborate their products or services primarily through video promotion. For that reason, they are mining many marketing strategies that are giving tough competition to one another. Here most of the advertisers or audiences might not have chances to know about Timestamps on YouTube.

Is it essential to add timestamp on YouTube videos?

Why do we need to discuss about timestamp on YouTube videos?

If you want to make your video ad more sharable on YouTube and if the audience likes a particular moment in the video. Then it might have chances to share that video with their friends. But here they need to share the entire video link.

The drawback here the audience might not have much patience to watch the entire video till it gets the required moment.

The audience may skip watching that video in many cases. To avoid such problem, the adding of timestamps in the video fits better to reach a wide range of YouTube audience.

Most of the creators may not know how to add a timestamp in the videos of YouTube. Some of the creators are including timestamps, where the audience can add the start time of the particular moment of the video they need to watch before sharing the video to their friends.

This helps to increase audience engagement.

The faster learning of adding timestamps on YouTube videos will help you gain the million YouTube hearts who involve engaging your channel. It can be a simple step to get your YouTube channel reputation from a million miles.

Linking Timestamp on YouTube Video

Sign in to your YouTube account.

Go to your YouTube channel.

Open the video that you want to set the timestamp.

Now play the video and then pause where you find your interested moment.

Then click on the share option and select the start option.

Now add the time exactly where you want to play the video.

Copy that link and paste it on where either in the video description, comments section, or any other social media platforms.


Play the video that you want.

Pause the video at what time you want to watch it.

Right click on the video.

Then select ‘copy video URL at the current time.’

Now paste it on description, comments, and social media platforms to share.

How to use YouTube Timestamps

When you post a comment on YouTube video, then add the time on YouTube comment to let the others know where you are commenting.

To find the exact time of subscription, add the video timestamps for the transcription.

When your messaging or emailing the video link of YouTube, then linking timestamp will get the audience attention.

The time is more precious than we think. Most of the social media audience will not prefer to waste their time. In such cases, linking the timestamp works better.

When you upload the YouTube video then pin the comment with timestamp video URLs where they can find more information quickly. It can gain the audience attention keeps continuous engagement.

You can also share these links on social media platforms to make your friends watch immediately and make it sharable with their friends.


The use of timestamp in the YouTube videos will help you drive huge audience engagement and channel reputation in a short period. If it comes to branding, this strategy can be the best way to reach potential customers from the real-time audience.


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