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How to Launch Location-Based Video Advertising using YouTube

Video Advertising using YouTube

Running video campaign on YouTube is different from that of PPC way. While PPC way has specific creative constraints, you as a marketer have to be more clarity on the content of your video. YouTube is offering two types of ad campaigns, i.e., In-Display Ad sand in-Stream Ads.

Steps to set up and launch locally based video advertising using YouTube includes the following steps:

1) Go to Google Ad Words to set up your campaign. This is the simple tool allowing the customers immediate see what they are searching. Google Ad Words offers advantage it attracts more customers. It allows campaign locally or globally, and you can set your budget and pay only visits.

2) Assess and finalize your budget for video ad campaign. Budget is the important criteria to finalise the methodology to run the video campaign.

3) Finalise the networks – YouTube Search or YouTube Videos. Proper selection of the network will enable you to properly track the performance of the campaigns.

4) The location is to be present as there are options available with YouTube whether you want your video to be shown to viewers across the globe or only about a geographical location.

5) After selecting the location, you need to finalise the language in which you want your ad to appear.

6) Plan your delivery method even before the production begins. This will enable you to customise whether it aimed at hosting at YouTube, used for social content or sent out through email marketing.

7) Keeping the content short is always the best approach to ensure successful ad campaign on social media. The Apt length of your video ensures optimum viewers visiting your video.

8) Building relationship with viewers will be adding weight to your channel. This can be achieved with measures like ‘Call to action’, reviews/remarks etc.

9) Define and monitor specific objectives. As a marketer running video ad campaign, you need to have the specific objective of the campaign, and also you need to monitor the performance of the campaign whether it can grab the anticipated success.

10) Modify the content to suit the requirements. This is a continuous process.

By proper setting of campaign and tracking & monitoring the results the marketer will be able to maximise his returns through the video ad campaign.

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