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How to Increase YouTube Channel Traffic By 200% Using Channel Audit

According to YouTube, there are more than 100 hours of video uploaded to the site every minute. Considering the deluge of content you have to compete with on YouTube, the obvious question is: " How do you get people to watch YOUR video instead of the millions of others?" The answer? Video SEO. I bet that most of your competition lazily upload their videos and hopes that one of them " goes viral." Video SEO rarely (if ever) works out. But if you take the time to optimise your videos for SEO, you’ll get significantly more traffic than your competitors.

But, the SEO strategy itself isn’t sufficient to drive or increase YouTube traffic towards a particular channel. Here’s where the concept of Audit needs to introduced. Auditing has become such a ubiquitous phenomenon in the corporate and the public sector that academics started identifying a " Audit Society". The auditor perceives and recognises the propositions before him/her for examination, obtains evidence, evaluates the same and formulates an opinion by his judgment which communicated through his audit report. Any subject matter may audit. Audits provide third-party assurance to various stakeholders that the subject matter is free from material misstatement.

But how does this appeal to YouTube channels? Here’s what you’re missing. A typical YouTube audit service provided by a company assesses the impact of the branding and design of your channel, main banners, thumbnails and icons, the structure of playlists, titles and ease of use. They will also assess

  • The videos already loaded on to the channel
  • Case studies
  • Product and service visualisation
  • Lead generation
  • Credibility
  • How to guides / product support
  • Assess elevator pitch video content (if present)
  • Identify missing video content
  • Assess calls to action, annotations and links
  • Frequency of updates
  • Scheduling and event driven content.

Once the audit is done, the company then delivers best practice guidelines for promotion, programming, optimization, community, and for the channel as a whole, all to improve discoverability and increase viewer ship and profitability.


These are the facts that no knows and by implementing these strategies there might be a chances of getting unpredictable traffic with millions of views.

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