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How to Increase Video Engagement on Facebook

Increase Video Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social networking platforms. Nearly four billion videos are watched on the Facebook platform every day. The autoplay videos feature one of the most used features by the advertisers and marketers across the platform. An active Facebook user was watching at least 2 to 3 videos daily at different times. So, there is a wide scope for the video engagement on the Facebook platform. Facebook is moving forward in success by developing its features with the video content on its platform. The Facebook videos have great organic reach comparing to other platforms. You can achieve high Video engagement on Facebook by following these ways.

Upload the video directly on the Facebook platform

Facebook native video uploads have great demand and viewers love to watch the direct videos that are posted onto the Facebook wall. The videos which shared from the other platforms will not be there directly in the news feed whereas the videos that uploaded directly can be the next trending and appears in news feed.

Add attractive thumbnails to your video

Thumbnails are the first impression of the video content. Add attractive and colorful thumbnails to raise the interest in the audience to watch the video content. So, always add attractive relevant and compelling thumbnails to the videos.

Promote the videos across the platform

Whenever you upload a video on the Facebook platform, don’t forget to promote it with different titles posted publicly on the Facebook. Raise the curiosity by using the video trailers on your newsfeed. Share them with your friends and mutual friends to raise the engagement of your video on the platform.

Allot call-to-action in an innovative way

This is the most powerful weapon to magnetize the audience through the video. But it should be in a most innovative way which could immediately motivate the audience in the way you mentioned. Call-To-Action can bring huge engagement for the video on Facebook which leads to share or comment.

Choose byte sized video content

As short as video content you upload then you can expect unpredictable audience engagement at your video on Facebook. Because they don’t find time to watch time-consuming long-form videos. A high-quality video content in short and simple form will be the best option to drain the huge traffic.

These lines can boost up the engagement capabilities on Facebook that used in the development of the business branding through video promotion. As everyone knows that Facebook is the topmost player in the field of social media marketing.


These are the some of the fine strategies that are most required to get the huge engagement for your video on Facebook. If you want to have that experience in short time just apply those on real time.

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