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How to Find YouTube Influencers for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencers On YouTube

Have you decided yourself to target the right customers? Then YouTube influencer marketing is the best one to opt. Finding the most influential influencers on YouTube is the only way to reach your business goal. YouTube is the most seeking video library in the world where we can find more than 1.8 billion users each month.

It is the only social media channel where millions of brands are elevating their brands at billion audiences. Moreover, the audience on YouTube is real-time, engaging users. We can say that it is an advertising tool to generate potential customers. While coming to influencers, they are playing a vital role on YouTube to add bucks through influencer marketing strategy. Mostly the YouTube influencers are becoming celebrities than any other platform.

Who are YouTube Influencers

The creators on YouTube who plays a vital role to clutch your brand at their subscribers with highly influential strategy can be defined as influencers. Through them, you can find the people relevant to your brand.

Why do business brands need to work with YouTube Influencers?


When brands want to showcase their products or services at the relevant and exact audience, then YouTube influencers are the best source to reach. Mostly the videos are pushed to both the subscribers and non-subscribers who search on YouTube.

The audience on YouTube highly active than compared to Twitter and Instagram. Through YouTube influencers, you can easily find potential customers. Pew Die Pie is the top influencer on YouTube. He uploads the video gaming videos by creating some fun while playing online.


YouTube influencers are not brought up through the intention of advertising. They are born through their talent to engage the audience. Hence, they have more chances to get a real-time audience who are most interested in their content.

For example, Ryan is the top influencer on YouTube who reviews the toys while playing simultaneously on his channel Ryan ToysReview. Most brands are driving sales after placing toys on his channel. This is what influencers do on YouTube.


When you feature your ads or brand-related videos on influencer channel, they takedown rarely. They might show interest to have more video content on their channel. As the influencers mention the brands in their channel that activity grabs the huge audience attention.

Moreover, for a one-time payment, the brand’s content will be there in the influencer channel for a long time. This is the added benefit for the brands to the hype at the new audience.

Elevate Start-ups:

This is often that most of the start-up brands couldn’t find the best sales and even can’t expose their brand at the audience. It is where you need influencers on YouTube to drive sales and brand reputation with affordable budget.


The influencers who are having million engaging audiences can command huge payment. In such a case, you can collaborate with micro-influencers who can drive huge sales.

Additionally, it is a cost-effective way to launch. Though they have subscribers in thousands, they are loyal towards the channel. Hence, it is better to reach multiple micro-influencers instead of spending on one.

How to choose Influencers on YouTube?

Regular Postings:

All YouTube audience like to watch video content from their favorite celebrities or personalities. If the influencers upload content often or not, they will not gain the audience attention. The YouTube influencers must create fresh, unique, and fun generating content frequently. Choose such type of influencers to hire.

Original Voice:

The successful YouTube influencers always buzz on YouTube through their unique style of content creation. Such influencers have more chances to get a real-time audience.

High Production Quality:

A video which has unprofessional features like inadequate lighting, noisy audio, and unstable video will drain the audience interest. The influencers shouldn’t be the professional videographers, but they should create a pleasant video.

Brand Relevance:

Choose the influencers that are completely relevant to your brand. Like if your products are food or kitchen item, then it’s better to hire cooking channels on YouTube.

YouTube Influencer Marketing Stats

  • YouTube is the second-largest influencer marketing platform to influence 18% of consumers on purchasing.
  • 70% of teens on YouTube are mostly influenced by top YouTubers than celebrities.
  • YouTube influencers are influencing 60% of audiences in their purchases.
  • One study by collective Bias stated that 22.8% of men on YouTube are influenced.
  • They also found that 13.9% of women audience is influenced by YouTube in converting sales.
  • Money Nation revealed that PewDiePie is the most influential channel on YouTube.
  • YouTube influencers acquire 86% of most view rate on beauty videos than compared to 14% by beauty brands
  • 57% of fashion and beauty brands are implementing YouTube influencer marketing strategy.
  • YouTube content creator recommended brand or products are being tried by 63% of the 13-24 age group audience on YouTube.


Social media has become the most seeking platform for the businesses to launch their brand advertising, where it is directing the audience to purchase. Also, influencer marketing on YouTube is driving more sales while comparing to other platforms.


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