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How to Enable Closed Captions in Facebook Live Broadcasts

Facebook has made significant changes advanced accessibility in recent times. Facebook mainly aimed to create a Global community through social media. Once Facebook announced that watch time for Facebook videos is raised four times as compared to the previous years, One in Five Facebook videos is Live broadcasting. Here we can check process of How to Enable Closed Captions in Facebook Live Broadcasts.

Facebook announced Live Video broadcaster can include Closed Captions at the same time of broadcasting. The reason behind this is it may be more useful to the people who are deaf, and a problem of hearing can understand through closed captions.Publishers can create their Closed Captions using CEA-608 data stream.

How To Enable Closed Captions In Facebook Live Broadcasts:

Facebook has created the best platform for everyone who is using Live Video Broadcasting services from Facebook can enable Closed captions in Live Broadcasting.

Publishers can add Closed Captions non-live videos also. It is possible to add closed captions to the non-live video when uploading it on Facebook pages. Publishers can create caption automatically with speech recognition services.

The publisher can use caption settings option to enable the Facebook live broadcasting by turning on. Here CEA – 608 are acting as a third party Facebook Live API.

Step by Step Procedure To Enable Closed Captions:

Gather and setup your Live Broadcasting equipment such as camera and cables for giving input to the PC for streaming.

Before going to start the Live broadcasting, first, we should set up third party tool. The third party ingestion Facebook Live API.

To Enable the closed captions done by Live API, we should pass embedded CAE-608 code in to h264 stream. This h264 requires SEI type 4 messages which are ingested an NAL type 6 messages.

Install the Closed caption inserter and pass the audio and video inputs through Closed captions inserter.

The closed captions inserter sends an audio file to the auto generated software or a live captioner.

The auto generated software or a live captioner sends the caption data to closed caption inserter.

The next step is to connect the live closed caption inserter output to the live encoder input.

We can configure live encoder in two ways they are, configured the live encoder to live closed caption output in one way and the other way is just pass through closed caption inserter.

Finally set up your encoder output to the Facebook live insertion point.

If you are ready with live footage to live to broadcast, insert the embedded CEA-608 closed caption data into the live encoder.

Then feed the live footage in your Facebook live broadcast through Facebook live API.

People can use the same procedure for live broadcasting the Facebook live video with closed captions using iOS, Android and web browsers for PCs.


Enable closed captions in Facebook live broadcasting is a brand new feature from Facebook updates. The publisher can use this guide for how to enable closed captions in Facebook Live Broadcasting.

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