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How To Do YouTube Live Through Your Computer


Live streaming is the easy process for conference organisers to grow their audience, the number of people attended the conference are limited because of the expensive journey, being away from the office and home and a significant challenge to be out of town. If you would like to Live stream an Event or a conference YouTube Live streaming is the brilliant, free and quick option. You can Live stream an event on YouTube using your PC. The following are the requirements and Step by Step procedure for YouTube live through Your computer.

How To YouTube Live Through Your Computer:

Equipment Need For Broadcasting:

To live to stream an event you must need a Webcam and an encoding software setting before going to start broadcasting. You will need to download the Open Broadcast Software which converts the video data into a stream on YouTube.

There are a number of YouTube encoders, YouTube allows compatible encoder you can directly record audio and video from your computer. It’s easy to work with OBS software which gives user-friendly environment.

If you would like to experiment with the camera and YouTube videos to check how detailed it can support. If you have high-speed internet you can stream the video without any doubt for video clarity.

Step By Step Procedure To Go Live on YouTube:

It is optional to add a webcam and USB microphone to your PC.

People who are using Mac the need some rejig external Cameras settings for Webcam and USB mic. USB microphone should be recommended.

If anyone not attended for an event, YouTube offers live streaming the video anywhere through social media platform you can save it and watch it for later.

The saved data or videos are listed in Your YouTube channel which is associated with Gmail account, you can watch it later when you get free time.

First, log into your YouTube Account.

Log in to the Gmail account will access to the YouTube account login. Click on “My Channel” option on top right corner of the window.

Go to the “Video Manager “ right above your banner image. You will see two options videos and playlists.

Next click on the “Live streaming “ on creator studio panel. And click on “Events ” option. You will get an option “Enable Live Events”.

Then click on “Enable Live Events” option it will send you a verification code to verify your account.

Select a verification process to like voice call or a text message to verify the account with a phone number. Enter six digit verification code.

You will see a window appearing with “Create Live Event” option. Click on “Create Live Event” option.You will see a window with basic information of the Event.

Add some basic information about the Event, add the title of the event, description of the event, set time for start and end event.

If you set it as public everybody can view the event or if you set it as private it will be available to some group of people. If you select Unlisted it’s hidden from YouTube. You must agree on the terms and conditions.

If you click on “Advanced options” you will see some more important information, it’s optional to fill the fields.

If you select the “ Private or Unlisted” we would recommend you to uncheck the promotions tab and Checklist the making video as private immediate after ending. This can be broadcasted to anyone, it is on public or private or you can send it to some selected group of people.

If you are ok with all the setting and ready to Go live click on “ Go Live Now” option to get started live on YouTube through your Computer or PC.

It will show you the confirmation message like this. If you click on “Ok “ start Live on YouTube.

It will take a bit time to load and see the option to “Start Broadcast” option to hang out with people.


Anyone looking to Go Live with YouTube to broadcast events or a music or anything that you like to broadcast just goes through this article. This is an ultimate guide how to do YouTube Live through your computer.

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