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How to Create Twitter Video Ads

Twitter is the noisiest microblogging platform, and now it was called as video microblogging platform with the introduction of new video. The platform has more than 305 million monthly users who are an excellent opportunity for the marketers to promote their products with the Twitter video ads. Already many brands and marketers got succeeded with the Twitter video ads. Here is how to get started with the Twitter video ads for your brand or company.

Create Profile for your Business

There are no big differences or changes in the normal account and a business account on Twitter as they are same. To create a good business account on Twitter, at first, Add catchy username to recognition. Add short username within 140 characters. Also, upload good photo or logo of which resemble your brand or business. Add your related business data within the 160 characters for your company profile. Link your customers to the URL from your web page. You can also allow attaching the link tracking tags to analyse the visitors from the Twitter platform.

Attach your Profile to the Ads Account

Go to the “Twitter ads login Page” and choose your country and time zone and click onto the permanently save your settings. After this, Twitter allows you for the creation of your first campaign and provides you with various settings where you can choose the type of campaigns.

Twitter Promoted Video Ads

Twitter allows the users to create and upload the video ads directly to the Twitter platform which can called as native Twitter video ads on the Twitter platform. It has great potential to take your video to the large audience within the Twitter platform. It is in beta stage but working well. The campaign allows you to promote your video to your targeted audience. You can add video title, description, and call to action to your videos.

Twitter cards for your Ads

Twitter cards are the best way to reach the audience. The cards have great functionality than the regular Twitter Tweets. The users can create the Twitter cards within the new campaigns.


If you have decided to attain the brand name through extraordinary video ads just go on using Twitter video ads. As the Twitter is the trending platform will clutch huge engagement.

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