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How to Create Successful Gmail Video Ads

Gmail Video Ads

People spend most of their online time in their Gmails inboxes. Understanding this, Google gave the advertiser the intriguing opportunities to reach the inboxes of the people through Gmail Video Ads.

The Gmail ads appear in the promotion tab of the users of Gmail accounts based on their activity. These were earlier known as Sponsored promotions and are available to all advertisers since 2015.

Email marketing is a popular tool for lead generation. More than eighty percent of the companies use email marketing.

Email marketing campaigns can be used to create improved Gmail Ads. With email marketing automation system, it is possible to see the email performance report. Gmail Ads can be sent to targeted audience on mobile and desktop devices.

These ads look similar to emails and the users can click on the headline to see the full ads.

Gmail ad campaign can be created by choosing the Display Network only option. Choose the marketing objective, find the templates in Ad Gallery and choose the Gmail Ads.

Target the Gmail customers based on the age, gender, language, topics and devices etc.

Gmail ads work better for brands that are looking for leads.

Gmail ads become successful when the free trial is offered in the ads. Users will respond best to these ads.

Gmail ads also work better for e-commerce. Email newsletter efforts, Facebook creative also work on Gmail ads. The cost of Gmail Ad is very low. It will not be a big problem to test for the response for this new platform.

There is need to change the creative regularly to deal with the over time drops of impressions and clicks of Gmail ads.

Gmail ads give the opportunity for advertisers to increase the sales and to reach a number of target customers.

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