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How to Create a YouTube Channel for Business Promotion

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Million hours of video content is uploaded and being searched by the audience. It is the only source for most of the businesses who are driving sales through YouTube business promotion strategy. The intention of business brands is finding new buyers by building brand awareness. YouTube is the only solution to do that.
Do you need a YouTube channel to promote your business?
This is the most common question that bugs in the minds of marketers or companies.

Steps to create a YouTube channel

  • Either by using the existing or building the new Google account, you can set the YouTube channel.
  • Click on the ‘sign-in’ option of YouTube to create the channel.
  • Then you will be directed to ‘Google Sign-In’ page.
  • Enter the account details and log-in.
  • Hit on creator studio at the top right corner.
  • Now click on create a channel.
  • Then it shows ‘Use YouTube as’ with first name and last name.
  • You can select the ‘use as a business or another name,’ or you can mention your name in the box. Many cases, most of the businesses use their business name.
  • ‘Brand Account Name’ window will be displayed to add name and then click create.
  • You have successfully created the YouTube channel for business.

Note: Your active phone number should get verified on YouTube to start channel. This can be done by selecting your account icon.
Now enable the live streaming option in your channel.

Channel Art

After that, set up the channel art by adding background and logo of your YouTube channel. The image size and file requirements to upload are mentioned below.
On different devices like mobile, desktop, and TVs, channel art looks differently. To hold the best results on all devices, YouTube recommends uploading of one 2560×1440 px images.

  • Minimum required area for logos and texts is 1546×423 px. On specific devices, the large images will be cropped.
  • Minimum upload dimension is 2048×1152 px.
  • 6MB or smaller is the required file size.
  • 2560×423 is the maximum width.
  • Image tips and requirements:
  • Using saved images is the most recommended one.
  • Upload the photo or image saved on a mobile or computer or in Google photos.
  • Make use of YouTube photo library by selecting the Gallery tab.

Adding social media links to the banner

  • You can add your social media links to the YouTube channel banner.
  • Click on ‘about’ by choosing your channel.
  • Select ‘customize channel’ if you are in the new YouTube layout.
  • Click on edit option by hovering over ‘links’ section.
  • Now hit the ‘+Add’ button.
  • Place the URL and title of your site that you want to link. Here you will be enabled to add up to 5 links.
  • Now click on ‘Done.’


In this section, you can elaborate on the overview of your business channel. It encourages visitors to become your subscribers and also lets your channel appear in the search results of YouTube. It is named as a description by YouTube.
Now you can upload new business videos to your YouTube channel.


Most of the businesses are gaining brand exposure by setting up a business YouTube channel. Just setting up the YouTube channel is not enough to engage the audience. It requires the ultimate creation of video content that let the audience to become your subscribers where you can find the potential customers.

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