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How To Combine YouTube Channels Under One Account

By the activity of merging YouTube channels there may be a chance of linking-up the most popular channel with the newly started channel. So that the uses of previous channels will be notified about it.

There are several reasons behind why people like to maintain one or two YouTube channels and find absolutely no information about how to link those two channels with one account.Yes, many users like to have more than one YouTube channel because one for their business and one for personal or many other reasons behind it.

But to create the multiple YouTube channels one may think that they need multiple email address. To maintain the channels and sometimes they may also face many hassles due to multiple email address to log in with and may get confused with various passwords and many other things. So, here is the way to get connected the different YouTube channels under one account in a simple possible way.

With Google plus

YouTube allows the users to get connected the two channels under one account if and only if the users have Google plus account and has been linked with the products to get together. You need to have a Google plus account to link your multiple YouTube channels.

Setting up the multiple channels

After connecting with the Google plus account. First of all, you must go to YouTube platform and then click onto the “All my Channels” which can be available on the platform in the down section.

In that section you can access the information about all your profiles that existed on the Google plus page. So, include your new page that was created by you on New Google plus page.

It will ask you for confirmation and simply click onto the OK button. After that confirmation message, another confirmation generated asking about linking to the YouTube channel and the Google plus account.

So, simply click onto the IK button one more time. Therefore your channel has been created and also created a switch between your multiple YouTube accounts at one dashboard. You can also add ad managers if you want to manage it with more ease.

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