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How to Clean Up Your YouTube Channel

How to Clean Up Your YouTube Channel

YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for video uploads. There are a number of people who create their own YouTube channel and regularly upload videos. There can be hundreds of videos in the channel. It is necessary to Clean Up Your YouTube Channel using some tools.  Maintaining the YouTube channel well will help you rank higher in search results.

YouTube does not allow any tags in the description of the videos. Having these tags in the description can also lead to shutting down of the channel. Check the old videos and see whether you have included extra tags in any other descriptions and remove them.

Organizing your video will make it easier for the viewers to search for the videos they want to watch. It is correct that they can sort the videos based on the date of popularity but making your playlists will help them a lot. Create playlist of the videos also ranks higher in search results of YouTube.

Clean your YouTube channel so that it looks professional.  When the user experience is improved, the results will show in better ranking in YouTube search results. Here are few cleaning tips for the YouTube channel that help you to boost the video ranking in search results.

Create playlists and these should be tightly themed. Do not neglect to add your video links to social media and also your company website. Write a good description about the channel. Creating a branded watermark for your YouTube channel videos is also a better idea. Use the annotations and cards to increase the click through rate. Use these cards on your older videos also especially those which are very popular on your YouTube channel.

Tips to spring clean the YouTube channel are very simple and after making small changes you can observe improvement in search result rankings.

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