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How to Add Video to Your Amazon Listing

Amazon is the most important search engine for the product marketers. Amazon video features have come for the Amazon sellers who want to add videos to the product listing. Amazon seller who would like to promote their videos like products you can now add your videos to the product lists.

Finally, Amazon has launched an Amazon direct feature to upload and add to the product list as Beta version selected a group of Amazon sellers tested on them. Amazon has provided list requirements for the seller to upload images in Amazon site.

All the third party user are not allowed to add a video to the listing, you have to request Amazon for uploading a video which is on retailer listing.

How To Add Video To Your Amazon Listing:

According to Amazon the video adding feature can have two possibilities. The Placements options are in the Main image Block area and another one is related videos widgets or related video short widgets.

The new seller’s Central video option is accessible from the “Enhanced Brand Content” page which comes under “ Advertising” header Manu.

Advertising Header Menu which comes under the “Seller’s Central”.

In the sellers’ Central Go to the “Posts” tab Add the title to the Post and click on “Add Media” option.

The new Add Media Window opens, you will a list of three options like “ Create a gallery, Insert Post element and Insert from URL”.

Under that click on “ Insert post element” a new window with multiple video uploading options appears.

Choose “ List Videos” and click on it. Next check the options select which category your video belongs to and click on “Insert Element”.

Your video will be uploaded in the seller central then click on “Save Drafts”. Your video is added to the Amazon list.

Then go to preview option check if your video is added to the product listing.


Amazon sellers are eagerly waiting to promote their videos content in Amazon other than only product. The above is the Guide for how to add video to your Amazon listing.

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