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Video Advertising

How the Internet of Things is transforming Video Advertising

Video Advertising

What is video advertising:

It is online display advertisements that are served before, during and/or after a video stream.These internet advertisements are available as Mid Page Units (MPUs) with video embedded within them. In another version, video advertising is advertisements that occur on internet television.

What is Internet of Things:

Internet of things is yet another concept that is catching like wildfire. This concept enables putting data about various and miscellaneous objects on the internet (cloud).Shortly called IoT, Internet of Things can provide live data about many incidents using relevant sensors.

Present day expectations are that the house refrigerator will start ‘talking’ to smartphone advertising the purchase of certain items that the refrigerator maintains (based on usage and delivery pattern).Though this methodology of direct communication needs some preconfigured set of instructions (input), the idea one becomes a reality will be much more useful to the user.

Seeing the huge potential offered by IoT, big companies like Microsoft, Intel & Cisco are already big players in this space and are rolling out solutions to further integrate digital signage into IoT future. Another interesting fact in the same scenario is that Apple & Google are joining the band of companies offering IoT related ad plans as the estimates are that over 9 billion devices will be connected (intro and on net as well) by the year 2018.

This increased data combined with the efficiencies of automatic, programmatic trading will enable the advertiser to make smarter decisions or the best campaign results.Coming to video advertising the goal of the marketer is to reach the audience. This goal can be achieved by specific behavior analysis that represents value to a marketing organization, and towards this end, IoT can be used in an effective manner.

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