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How Machine Learning is Transforming Video Advertising

Machine Learning for advertising

Ad spend on digital medium is expected to grow to $600 billion this year, and machine learning emerged as a key technology in transforming video advertising. ^The algorithm designed the data collected from machine learning that gives smarter results. This information is also used to predict the future. Let us now know how machine learning is transforming video advertising.

Machine learning algorithms are used to analyse the interest, purchasing preferences and demographics of the consumers. This helps the marketers to create focused persona ads for improved results. Machine learning also helps in identifying the right audience for the video ad and will help the right content to reach them.

Not only the above, machine learning helps to see if an ad is speaking positively about the brand or not and it can be used to promote the brand or not. YouTube is already using this for all the uploaded video to identify the topics.

For any video advertising, placement of it is very crucial to the success of the campaign. Wrong placement, the irrelevant Ad can create a negative image for the brand. Machine learning is used to identify the right location and also right timing for the display of the ad. This helps to get higher click-through rate.

Invalid clicks are a big problem for any digital advertiser. The machine learning technology is being used to eradicate this problem. Machine learning can determine the legitimacy of a click. Actual ad views and the behaviour patterns of the audience can find with this. Google also uses this technology in AdWords service.

Before introducing a new video advertisement, marketers are using machine learning technology to perform intelligent prediction about the success of the campaign based on the data from previous campaigns. Machine learning is going to play an important role in transforming the opportunities for product placement.

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