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How Governments can make use of Live Video

Live Video

Live video is getting popular even with the local governments and the objective of it is to provide accurate information to the people efficiently and quickly. Governments can use live video for many events such as council meetings, seminars, convention and others.

While planning a live event, the government officials have to first think of few things. What will the people’s attendance, what is the duration of the event, what are the room dimensions, how many people will be watching it etc.

Though governments still prefer the traditional media for communicating with the public, they should not ignore the effective way of reaching to people, the live video. Using live video will help the government to share the information directly from the source, create a link between audience and the representatives of the government etc. The authenticity of the information also increases as it comes directly from the source.

Live streaming helps the party in the government to make their brand strong. Using live video, they can answer questions from the public directly. The government efforts on some issues and behind the scenes can show to the people. Live video is more popular with the audience as it proved that live videos watched three times longer than the ordinary videos. The government can go live on their official websites, Facebook pages and other profiles simultaneously.

At the end of the live broadcast, the government representatives can interact with the viewers using questions and answers. They can collect data and information using surveys and polls. Government officials should see that their stream is flawless and there are no technical issues. Stream it various destinations and maximise the reach. A live video is a critical tool for any government for internal and external communication.

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