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Top 10 YouTubers Who Acted in Hollywood Movies

Hollywood Movies

YouTube stars often get offers from Hollywood movies based on their popularity. These are even getting recognition in the field. Whatever the role is, these stars are taking their acting chops to the big screen. Here are few YouTubers acted in Hollywood movies.

People started realizing the power of online content . Some of the YouTubers acted in Hollywood movies, but if they performed well or not, it doesn’t matter the number of fan followers made it successful.So, YouTube is the best platform to showcase their talents.

1. Jessica Rose acted in the movie I Know Who Killed Me. She played the role of a young girl who gets kidnapped on YouTube.

2. Anna Akana used to do short films and upload them to her channel. Her popularity got her a chance to appear in a movie named Ant-man.

3. Kassem G is popular for his comedy content on YouTube. His popular series are California On and Going Deep. He did a role in a big action film named Transformers: Age of Extinction.

4. Flula Borg in another YouTube who appeared in a Hollywood movie named Pitch Perfect 2. This YouTuber is talented in music and landed a role in this musical movie which was not a surprise. He played the role of Pieter in the film.

5. Harley Morenstein’s talk show Man Alive is top-rated as well as his Epic Meal Time. He landed in a role the movie Kevin Smith.

6. Alex Anfanger who has done movie parodies on his channel also acted in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

7. Taryn Southern did a cameo in Battle: Los Angeles. Her role in the movie was as a news broadcaster.

8. Grace Helbig is popular for her daily vlogs and is also for her YouTube channel. She acted in the movie Camp Takota.

9. Hannah Hart is popular with the personal channel My Drunk Kitchen. This internet star acted in the feature film Camp Takota.

10. Cameron Dallas is another YouTuber who has many subscribers on YouTube and worked in many Hollywood films that include Expelled and The Outfield.

Some of the YouTube stars are more famous than some film stars and these are getting decent offers from Hollywood. YouTubers are now showing the world that they can take the leap and show what they can do in Hollywood.

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