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Herve Muyal – Vice President, BIGVU : Exclusive Interview

Herve Muyal - Vice President, BIGVU

Exclusive Interview with Herve Muyal – Vice President Business Development, BIGVU.
Herve Muyal has 19 years of expertise in Entrepreneurship, Digital Media Entertainment & Distribution providing global-scale services and solutions for the media/advertising, entertainment and telecom industries.

Tell me something about BIGVU?

BIGVU Mobile Reporter is the first app to offer a full TV studio that fits in your pocket. A teleprompter, virtual studios with elegant futuristic backgrounds, an innovative way to add visuals into videos, and a newsroom platform to identify breaking stories as they happen on social networks. BIGVU is the production platform for next-generation mobile reporters.

How do I create a professional TV channel with just a smartphone?

Why is Mobile Video the trend of the future?

Mobile is where consumers watch video today. They usually watch short video clips and skip to the next one after 10 or 15 seconds. As a result, video clips need to be optimized for this type of consumption: Multiple video aspect ratios: traditional landscape format, square for Facebook videos, or vertical videos for Snapchat. Titling overlays in every scene, so consumers can watch videos while the volume on their smartphones is muted.

Integration of content from social media: In today’s world, news breaks first on social media. Social posts give the full picture of what’s happening, from multiple angles and testimonials from different people. The latest tweets and posts from people who are right there, right now, are necessary to catch the audience’s attention.

How do you integrate social content into the video production process?

BIGVU’s mobile reporter toolset helps video creators turn high-quality photos embedded in social posts into stunning video sequences for social videos. YouTube video creators, video bloggers, and podcasters select and place the most relevant social posts for their story into a simple timeline, and BIGVU automatically produces a video clip with stunning visuals.

How do I turn social network news into videos with BIGVU?

What can I expect in the near future with video streaming & consumption?

I believe there will be two different ways to consume video: live video streams,which will be mainly unscripted (and which you can see today on Periscope or Facebook Live); and short, fast-paced videos that will be scripted. BIGVU focuses only on scripted videos.

What we can expect on Video News in the near future?

There’s Spotify for music, and Netflix for movies … but what will be the app for my video newscast? Consumers want to watch personalized TV newscasts through fun-to- watch interactive apps for both mobile and TV, with captivating videos by presented by authentic storytellers.

Why BIGVU is different from other video platform?

BIGVU’s key differentiator is that fact that with BIGVU, content producers get in front of the camera to tell an authentic story to captivate their audiences. No more clips that are bland and sapped of all their personality.

BIGVU is a unique, easy-to- use Mmobile app for anchors and reporters that offers a comprehensive workflow for the news production lifecycle – from searches, integration of social networks and video composition.

How BIGVU can help users with video production?

Traditional media have been cutting staff by 5% annually, causing greater numbers of talented journalists to take the freelance route. So for freelancers, for newspapers, for radio stations, video is the next challenge: it drives more views, and it’s their best hope for monetizing stories. But video is hard to produce. It requires staff for editing and dedicated equipment.

BIGVU empowers YouTube video creators, video bloggers or journalists with the tools they need to produce a professional video report in a snap. BIGVU desk allows multiple freelancers to collaborate easily in the video production process. Multiple video creators can write scripts, select relevant tweets, Instagrams, record a voiceover, or be an anchor in front of the camera using a teleprompter app. Editors can easily review stories in progress through the shared desk, and export finalized video clips to social networks or to the BIGVU News Now App.

Thank you “Herve Muyal” for your valuable inputs to our users.

Vice President Business Development

All the Best to “BIGVU.TV”

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