Heineken Video Marketing Success Strategy

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Heineken” it sounds like that it is a very familiar word and it has been being in the top position in the category of beer. When we look at that label, then everyone will have mouth-watering especially for beer lovers. Heineken has launched the brand of brands through its ultimate service to the public. Heineken is being the brand ambassador for the competitors and inspiration for the startups by following the successful video marketing strategies.

Heineken Facebook Video Marketing Strategy

hein facebook

Heineken has started using the concept of auto-play ads on Facebook which has been used by 1.2 billion users.

The launch of ‘Heineken Light’ with the involvement of ‘Neil Patrick Harris’ has blasted the winning trophy just only in three days.

This Facebook video ad has explored its brand of 11% almost hitting the target of 54% of a Facebook audience only during 3 days.

The Heineken has acquired 20 million likes through the Facebook video campaign.

The real-time campaign ‘one like one balloon’ has blown the name of the Heineken which means they blow the balloons for a total count of likes.

This post has stimulated the 500,000 people in just 6 hours which is amazing.

By using the theme of Facebook live on Soccer and UCL they make a contest for the audience which helps in drawing the attention of the audience.

Heineken light through Facebook has boosted the ROI which is unpredicted.

The total number of fans obtained by Heineken through Facebook is 22,963,316+.

Unbeatable Campaign on YouTube

We can say that YouTube is playing a major role of continuing the reputation of the Heineken along with Facebook.

They had brought the extraordinary video ad named as “World Apart” through which they had passed the message of holding unity in between two strangers by sharing the Heineken chilled beer.

Literally, this is an amazing concept that has been attached 13,305,994+ views within very short period.

This proves that the influential strategies those have been applied by Heineken in holding the attention of the audience and specifies the human ethics that are being neglected by the public.

The Heineken has 250,062+ subscribers and 89,741,806+ views on the official account of YouTube.

Exploring through Mobile Games

Including Facebook and YouTube, the Heineken has started the ‘Dual Screen’ campaign which has played in the mobile along with UEFA Champions leagues.

To explore the brand with the favourite football team it has started the Star Player App which is the mobile featured game. Star Player App is compactable with all mobile devices and PCs as well.


This evaluates that how the social media platforms being as the part in the success of Heineken and it has molded them to be in touch with the users come fans of Heineken.

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