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Hector Cortes – CEO & Founder of HECCO – Exclusive Interview

Hector Cortes

Hector Cortes, CEO & Founder of HECCO – Exclusive Interview with

Tell me something about your Company Hecco?

Is a digital marketing agency that focuses content specifically targeting Gen Y and Z. We look to create acquisitions, conversions, engagements and brand loyalty with continuum content that targets a customer base that is difficult to engage with.

Tell me about your Hecco Video Services?

Entertaining content first, sales product pitch and advertising second.

We do everything from storyboarding, concept, message strategy, scripting, talent sourcing, editing, and refinement. Once this content is created, we strategize the digital output of the content. We’re a one-stop shop.

We create content that feels organic but with a purpose. We strive to always stay on top of the latest trends and be relatable in our video content as this is the number one vehicle of influence in marketing with Gen Y and Z.

What are Video Industry Trends in the future?

Keeping messaging simple and relatable. Being able to connect with consumers

Higher quality (4k, 8k content) being streamed instantly, possibly inside VR experiences
Interactive video content, making people feel like they are part of the experiences (similar to Snapchat filters)
FPV (first person view) perspective becoming more widely adopted (like Snapchat Spectacles experience)
More micro-content – 30 second videos, GIFs, videos replacing pictures in online shopping (2-3 sec video loops)

What is Hecco Success Model?

Make dope content, refine it, make doper content, refine it, take our best content and practices and scale it up to reach millions.

Tell us something about your Hecco process with respect to Video Industry?

State of the art equipment, but always looking for better acting, better scripting, better locations, better ideas and not taking ourselves too seriously.

Millenials and younger groups quickly turn off, skip or ignore content that feels too much like an attempt to take their money.

What are the Latest Hecco Video Services that can help brands?

Micro-content for company’s websites, social exposure, and some advertising. Video content to replace pictures, copy/words in whatever medium they may live in for a brand.

Think about this – Why would you read through an entire product manual when you could view and navigate through at their leisure and skip through. All while having that same video hosted on the companies website for future access as well.

Thank you “Hector Cortes” for sharing your valuable inputs with readers.

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