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Harness the Power of Video Localization Marketing

Video Localization Marketing

According to studies, videos online are watched by more than hundred million people every day. Most brands and businesses are taking advantage and are into digital marketing to reach a large number of customers. Video marketing is a very powerful tool for digital marketing keep the internet users engaged.

Any marketing video on YouTube gets views not only from the audience in their country but also from all corners of the world. The videos need to be localized for consumption by global consumers.Let us first know what video localization is.

What is Video Localization?

In video localization, the video remains the same but the audio is localized. First, the script in the video translated into the local language and voiceover recording is done using native voice. This can do via dubbing, lip-synching or UN-style voice over. Marketers who have not enough budget for translation go for subtitling.

Subtitling can be done in three ways. These are, original subtitles are embedded into the video, translated subtitles are embedded into the video and another is closed captioning. In closed captioning, users are allowed to select if they want to see the subtitles.

Why is Video Localization Important?

Video localization in marketing is important to create new opportunities and get global exposure.Video marketing is one of the popular forms of digital marketing. When the marketing videos are in the native language, they reach the only limited audience. Localization helps them to reach the larger audience and increase their market potential. If the language is not common, they cannot reach to wide audience. Audio dubbing, simple subtitling or translation of text will be effective for many marketing videos as the content will be understood by more audience. This increases brand awareness and can also improve business.

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