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How h3h3Productions Become Popular YouTube Channel?


Ethan Edward Klein and Hila Hakmon run the YouTube Channel named as h3h3Productions. This is an Israel- American popular YouTube comedy channel run by Wife and Husband. H3h3productions was crowned as most viewed best YouTube Channel by Reddit.

h3h3 Production started in the year 2013, this YouTube channel showcase mostly reaction videos, Sketch Comedy and internet culture like funny Prank videos.

Ethan Edward Klein was from California, worked as a Marketing Executive in Israel. Hila Klein was born in Israel and served as a Soldier in Self Defence Forces for two years. This couple gets married in 2012.

“Pranks in the Hood” and “kissing Pranks” are voted for biggest hits in the YouTubers by Reddit, YouTube’s best-viewed videos on h3h3 productions.

VAPE NATION is the first highest viewed video and “Warm it up exe That’s 10!” Second highest viewed videos of h3h3 production.

Ethan and Hila first released a video poem of “Girls Who Read” in 2013, later they released and posted in YouTube videos like ”Wiping”, “Watching Disney Movies by myself” and etc.

Ethan Edward Klein is the main protagonist and main host of h3h3 productions. Ethan Klein has 1.01Million followers in official twitter account

“Crushing Cars in a Tank” one of the popular videos from h3h3 productions this video got 1,483,131+ views, which is related to Self-Defence Army forces grab the attention of the audience.

H3h3 Productions associated to Omnimedia network and uploaded almost 260 + Comedy videos in h3h3 productions YouTube Channel.

H3h3 productions YouTube channel joined on April 29th 2011 and got 3,849,193+ subscribers and 599,427,239+ video views.

Ethan and Hila”, “ H3 Podcast” are second YouTube channels to h3h3 productions channel. These two channels nearly got 1.5 million and 65K subscribers.


Ethan Klein, Hila Klein h3h3 Productions is one of the popular and top most viewed YouTube comedy channel. People who are interested in Pranks and comedy videos this is an ultimate guide to view such type of videos through h3h3 Productions YouTube Channel.

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