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GURU 360º Stabilizer for 360º Cameras [Review]

GURU 360º Stabilizer for 360º Cameras [Review]

Guru 360 degree Stabilizer is the perfect way to captures 360 stabilize footage. Guru 360 is the first 3-axis gimbal stabilizer designed for 360 Cameras. It has flexible MOZA interchangeable gimbal system.

The older version of gimbal design obstructs the view and position of the gimbal and roll motors. The problem with present one is the design of the gimbal and is perfect for the unobstructed view of the 360-degree camera. can view different angles little to barely of the gimbal.

Features of GURU 360º Stabilizer:

Suitable for 360 degree cameras, Cardboard style VR headsets, Samsung Gear 360, Ricoh Theta S, 360fly action cameras and more.

The software made up of real time stabilizing coming in insta 360 cameras. This is designed to mainly focus on 360 action cameras and smartphones.

These parts and mechanism work field view of 360 degree cameras for minimizing any obstructions.

It supports lightweight cameras, travel free, no tools for it to carry anywhere.

Viewing capacity is more comfortable for VR headsets with improved image quality and it reduces artifacting.

User can easily update gimbal support 360 cameras with interchangeable handle compatible with Mini-G and Mini-C heads.

Guru 360 designed for stabilized 360 camera views, creates a more enjoyable experience to correct unwanted movements like roll, rotation and horizontal drift.

Guru 360 has 3 different modes to capture ant type of screen. It has built in 5-way analogue joystick with 3 different filming modes.

The three modes are Lock, Head Lock and Follow. The lock mode locks the camera axis fixed the camera lens in one direction.

Guru 360 stabilizers can have 4 hours battery backup and it is not in use can easily carry on backpack.

Guru 360 Kit includes 360 degree camera stabilizer, micro USB cable, Allen key, One battery, Micro USB holder and charger, counterweights and Adapter plate for Dual kodak PixPro SP360.

Supported Cameras For GURU 360º Stabilizer:

Dual Kodak PixPro SP360

Samsung Gear 360

Nikon Keymission 360 and 170

LG 360 cam

360Fly Action Cameras

Kodac 4K Orbit360

Ricoh Theta SC

Casio EX-FR200

The Guru 360º Stabilizer for 360º Cameras available from mid of the march. Currently available to Order on, pre-order sale price $299.


Guru 360 Stabilizer is best for filming that can give you stabilized footage. It is useful for all 360 cameras and some lightweight camera to hold for it. The above review guide you to select best 360 degree stabilizer for 360 cameras.

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