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A Guide To Using Digital Media For Advertising Job Positions

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Finding the ideal candidate is desperate for any job role in this competitive economy. All the best candidates have their pick of top jobs in the industry. Much like convincing consumers to pick your business over your competitors, you have to convince job-hunting graduates and professionals to choose your company over your competitors. You want the candidates that everyone else wants, so you need to use adverts for job vacancies as an opportunity to sell your business. Show that there’s the most potential for growth, security, and fun with your company. This guide will show you some ways to use digital media to do that.

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Video Marketing

Facebook and YouTube video-based adverts aren’t just useful for advertising products but also job vacancies. There isn’t any limit to what you can promote through a well-branded and brief video if you know your target audience. In this case, your target audience isn’t a consumer but a potential candidate for your company’s role. In much the same way that client testimonials often persuade consumers to buy a product from a business, employee testimonials could be a tool to help sell your business to potential future candidates.

You don’t need to be corny about the approach when putting together the video for this advert. Simply film the workplace and highlight some of the best parts of working for your company. Showcase the most exciting things that employees do, and maybe show off some of the fun perks such as a lounge area in the communal room. A video is much more exciting than a static advert, so it’s a way to think outside the box when advertising a job position.

Legal Aspects

An aspect of advertising job vacancies that probably gives you a headache is the legal side of things. There are so many employment laws that it can feel almost impossible to tell where your company has crossed a red line every time it puts up a new job vacancy; especially given that the laws and policies are changing all the time. You want to look into a employment law consultancy because, professionals at such companies can help you look into your video and text-based digital advertising campaign to ensure the recruitment, contracts, insurance, and many other aspects involving employees covered legally. Making an advertising campaign work is hard enough without worrying about the technicalities and legal aspects of your branding approach, so make sure you have some safety net even if your team is otherwise-engaged and you have to outsource that work.

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The great thing about jobsites is that they do all the work for you. You create a captivating advert, but they place it in front of potential candidates using search terms and relevant categorization. You only have to worry about writing an interesting advert. In terms of getting that advert in front of the right people, the website can do that.

The point is that digital media can do a lot for your business in terms of getting the word out about job vacancies. The potential for video marketing through Facebook, YouTube, and even Twitter in terms of advertising is limitless. You should really look into it.

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