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Guide to YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns

YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns

YouTube TrueView for app install campaigns is aimed to make more people download the app. The campaigns performance can track by using the installs as conversions. Mobile app install campaigns run exclusively on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Install ads created with the help of adword from where the people can directly download the app. Adwords can help to create the app after taking into consideration the reviews and the rank of the app. When more people download the app the app store rank is increases and this increase further downloads. Here is everything on YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns.

YouTube TrueView for App Installs Ads

The objective of YouTube Trueview for app install ads is to get traffic from social media and downloading the app. YouTube is the first place people go to watch the videos on any topic they want. This is the world’s largest video sharing website and has billion active users per month. YouTube True view app install ads are different from Facebook and Twitter app install ads. YouTube ads come with a CTA linking to the app store listing of the app. These are pre-rolled before a user watches a video. This increases audience engagement.

Steps to Create YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns

The principle of YouTube trueview for app install ads is to get the viewers watch the ad but not skip it. YouTube Trueview app install ads connected to Adwords. To create the campaigns, first, sign into the Adwords account. Go to the campaigns tab and click the +campaign from where you have to select the Video option.

You will then be asked to enter the name of the campaign. The name should indicate that this is an app install campaign. Choose the Mobile app installs. You are required to enter the URL of the app if you have your app in Apple App store or Google Play Store. This allows the viewers to install your app. directly from the ad. We can see the price, icon and ratings of the app in ad preview. Different campaigns need to created for different versions of the app like iOS app and Android app.

Select the bidding strategy and enter a daily budget. Then you have to enter the language, targeted location and other details. There is also the facility to choose the targeted devices, carriers and operating systems. The ads will be shown on all the devices on which the app is compatible.

Advantages of YouTube TrueView for App Installs Campaigns

The Trueview app install campaigns on YouTube help the audience to click the ad and install the apps directly from the ad rather than going to the page to download the app. The power of video along with the sound and the sigh influences the audience more to download the apps. Trueview advertisers help the advertisers to reach potential customers based on demographics, previously watches videos and individual interests.

After creating the app installs campaign, the effectiveness of the campaign can be tracked using conversions. For an android app, Adwords tracks the download conversions automatically. For iOS apps, conversion tracking needs to set up so that the download counter. Third party conversion tracking systems can use for tracking conversions on both the operating system apps. The results of app install Ad can be seen on campaigns tab.

The correct channel for app install campaigns depends on the budget and expectations. People with little more budget can choose YouTube TrueView ads. There are many options as far as platforms are concerned for marketers but what is important is to make the ad stand out from the crowd to gain the attention of the viewer.

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