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Guide to YouTube Live Stream Metrics

YouTube Live Stream Metrics

YouTube live streaming can be done using the Stream or the Events options. Live stream metrics are shown differently depending on what option the publisher chose. Here is how the YouTube Live Metrics can be seen when using Stream Now option.

The publisher can get the live steam metrics data by living, on demand and Live and On-demand. The YouTube Analytics options in Overview are the place to get this data. During the stream, the publisher can see how many viewers are watching the video at a given time. The highest number of concurred viewers during streaming is known as peak concurrent. The live streaming user can also see the number of live chat message per minute data.

Live Stream metrics on YouTube can be downloaded as CSV file after the live stream ends. This data will be available for up to three days. Go to the YouTube Analytics, enter the video ID and get the data.

For events, Live streaming metrics can be seen in Live Control Room. Live Control Room displays a graph that shows the metrics of recent one day. The data can be downloaded when the event ends. The metrics that you can see are stream status, average live view duration, total view time, concurrent viewers and playback. A number of messages in the live chat for every minute can also be seen here.

It is necessary to monitor the YouTube live stream metrics and takes necessary actions during or after the live streaming which may sometimes help for the future live streams. Customer satisfaction is the main concern for companies and a poor streaming video performance can damage the image of the brand. The audience may start leaving a video if they are not satisfied with the quality. Thus focus on providing the best video streaming performance by tracing the metrics and doing the needful.

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