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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Live Chat

YouTube Live Chat

YouTube live chat is a default feature that becomes active when a live stream event is active. The live chat can be embedded using the video ID for the live stream. Get the video URL or the video ID and embed with the URL of the site. It is the iframe URL.

YouTube Live Chat Basics

Live chat on YouTube will be available on the right side of the video player when the live stream event is going on.

The live streaming viewers can send three messages of two hundred characters each every thirty seconds.

The submission of viewers cannot contain any special characters, web links or HTML tags.

The live chat will not be available after the event and the comments appear after the stream end below the player.

During the live streaming, live chat can be disabled anytime.

This can be done in the Stream Now option in which the ‘Enable live chat box’ has to be unchecked.

Unchecking the ‘Enable live chat’ box in the advanced settings under the Basic Info in Events disables the live chat in Events.

YouTube Live Chat Moderation

Every YouTube Live Chat session should have a moderator especially when the traffic is very high.

Moderators keep interacting with the audience and they can simply take down the comments that are not appropriate.

The users can be blocked or flagged also if their comments are inappropriate.

Moderators can be chosen among the users. Assigning moderators are simple. There is a menu next to the user name in chat.

Go to the menu and Select the option Set User as Moderator.

Spam Messages in live chat can be managed by checking the Automatically Block Spam Messages box.

YouTube Live Chat Best Practices

Here the best practices for using YouTube Live Chat

• The persons managing the live chat have to be knowledgeable about the topic of the live stream

• Live chat should provide a warm experience to the audience. Do not kill the effectiveness of the chat by being too formal and using robotic greetings.

• Using the privacy settings, it is possible to restrict the chat to only some users or to open it for all.

• Conduct question and answer session as this will help keep the audience engaged.

YouTube Live Chat Advantages

A live chat during live streaming helps in interacting with the viewer. This has become a must for broadcasters to be successful. Here are few advantages of YouTube live chat.

• Any online chat system is helpful for the customer to access help.

• The broadcaster can get instant feedback about his content.

• It is possible to answer many questions in shorts time.

• During the live chat, request the audience to like your social site pages, blog or subscribe to your YouTube channel.

• Interacting with the viewers helps to gain viewership.

• Live chat helps a lot for the businesses in communicating with the customers and this is cost effective also.

• The audience can get whatever information they want immediately by conversion directly.

• Live chat helps to build the trust and confidence of the audience.

• Businesses can collect direct feedback from their customers using live chat sessions.


The live chat feature is being used by many e-commerce sites and other business sites. This helps them to improve their business as there is scope to serve the customers immediately. This, in turn, will increase the sales and conversion rates.YouTube live chat during live streaming is one of the effective ways for many to promote themselves or promoting their business in many ways.

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