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The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Geo Dynamic Masthead

YouTube Geo Dynamic Masthead

YouTube masthead provides the advertisers the chance to reach higher and increase awareness on the homepage. Masthead helps in increasing the public view count. This is a customizable ad with measurements 970 x 250 on the homepage of the YouTube. When you click the ad it expands to 970 x 500 pixels. On Masthead, there will be only one advertiser for a full day and can get all the attention without any competition. However, this is very expensive and is only for those who can afford. Guide to YouTube Geo Dynamic Masthead can be found here.

YouTube Masthead 

The billboard ad unit is brand named by YouTube as Masthead. These are offered on YouTube homepages. There are different types of masthead and these include in-house built IHB masthead, Standard custom Masthead and Dynamic head. The benefits of different types of Mastheads are different.

• In-house build IHB Mastheads are the 970 x 250 pixels unit that are expandable. IHB performs very strongly compared to other types of mastheads. Only few assets are required and the feature include social media button inclusion, image gallery, multiple exits etc. Production time is very short and is only 35 days.

• Standard custom mastheads are those that are similar to IHB mastheads and these are also expandable. There are limitless options to customize the unit. The advertisers can consider the YouTube masthead as a blank canvas and create content to increase interaction with the customers. These are built using HTML5. Google Web Designer Masthead templates are another option.

• Dynamic custom Masthead is the rich media masthead in which you can adjust the destination URL, text, images and also the video based on the location of the viewer and the time they are watching the video.

Rich media custom Mastheads are the customizable ad units that appear on the desktop YouTube homepage. There is also an expandable option. These units are built in DoubleClick Studio.

YouTube Geo-Dynamic Masthead 

Geo-dynamic Masthead allows updating the creative based on the location from where the user is viewing the ad. The technology used in this is the same as in Google Maps. The advertisers can update their images, video to suit the location, placement of the user and localize the content.

Best Practices for YouTube Geo-Dynamic Masthead 

• To provide native ad and compelling ad experience to the viewers, you can use a number of video in Masthead.

• User engagement can be maximized by linking the channel and the watch page and this also maximized brand interaction.

Benefits of YouTube Geo-Dynamic Masthead 

YouTube Geo-Dynamic Masthead adds more flexibility and let us see the benefits of them.

• Since there is opportunity to update the creative based on the location of the viewer, the viewer experience becomes more relevant.

• Audience engagement increases.

• Based on the DMA, the marketers can create more relevant messaged for the users.

• When the user are engaged with relevant content the marketers can get the most from all the views.

• This also increases visibility.

• Relevancy and visibility, the elements also increase the brand activity on the video sharing platform – YouTube and the search engines.

• The markets and get the rich media interaction metrics for the ad.

• They can also get the data related to the impression, conversions and clicks.

• Based on DMA, the elements of the video can be customized.

• Since there is no competition, the brand which is on YouTube masthead can help increase brand activity.

• There is an option to build IHB or custom Masthead.

• The videos in the masthead unit, if has any annotations these will also work.

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