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Guide to Shopping Cards in YouTube Videos

YouTube Shopping Cards

Video advertising is being used for decades to increase brand awareness, generate sales etc. Video advertising aims to influence the customer to decide to buy a product. It is, however, difficult to track the conversions with digital video advertising. YouTube is making this easy by introducing Shopping cards. Google introduced the Trueview for shopping features which allow advertisers to use the action bar shown by the YouTube videos and the audience can shop for the product.

Introduction to shopping cards in YouTube videos

The shopping cards on YouTube videos can be used to display texts as well as images. This service also optimised for mobile. Trueview shopping offers the advertisers to show the products and services related to the content of the video to appeal to the audience through the shopping cards. When a YouTube video is playing about a product, the same product can be displayed next to the video. The marketers can take advantage of the time the viewers spent on watching the videos. These shoppable cards can be inserted into the videos without disrupting the playing of the video.

Trueview and Shoppable videos to Adwords

YouTube reaches billions of viewers every day, and this is one of the powerful platforms for marketers to reach their consumers. TrueView for shopping campaigns allows listing the video related ads to be listed alongside video ads. When users watch the YouTube video advertising, the product listing displayed alongside, and the buyers can click an ad and go to the product page. It proved that TrueView ads will help the physical products selling retailers as they can now reach the right customers through the specific videos they create for example product demonstration videos.

TrueView proved to have helped many companies to register growth in sales. TrueView is an in-stream video advertisement the prospective customer can see the images of the product and the details. It is an excellent way to deliver your message to the targeted customers.

Shopping Video formats for AdWords

Shopping ads on YouTube is a video format in which the marketers can show their over shopping cards on the top side of the product video. These contain the details of the product such as the pricing which are displayed when the people watching the video click a button. It is also possible to go to the purchase page through the shopping cards. Trueview is another video ad format offered by Google.

How to Create shopping cards in YouTube Videos

The shopping cards in YouTube videos are displayed in the right margin of the video. These ads contain the pricing details of the products.The cards target the people who watch the video and can make them visit the e-commerce site that sells the product.

To add shopping cards to the YouTube video, first, sign into the YouTube account and choose the video manager.Choose the video to which you want to add the card. Select edit and from the options select cards. Click on add card and choose what type of card you want to add and then click on create. Add the URL to which you want your customers to take when they click on the card. You can add the title, call to action, image etc. to the cards.Then finally click on the create card. There are different types of cards, and these are donation cards, fan funding, link cards, poll cards, playlist cards and channel cards.

Trueview for shopping card is a feature that helps the marketers to increase their revenue. This feature is available on Adwords.

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