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Guide to Create Interactive Hotspots for Video

Video Hotspots

What is an interactive Hotspot? Video Hotspot is a technique that can direct viewers from one section of video to another section of the video. It is useful for shifting amongst single channel or channels from multiple owners as well. The interactive hotspot also gives the viewers the option to replay or even launch a website.

Adding an Interactive Hotpots to the video allow you to directly open another window to reply, chat with that website. There are many other tools to create an interactive video among them Hotpots is the best procedure. Hotspot is a trackable content which is in embedded format in a video that you can select any area to connect with.

Interactive Hotspot can be used to achieve the following objectives:

i) Allow viewers to replay a section of their choice in a section of the video.

ii) Allow viewers move to specific markers within the same video.

iii) Allow customers to move to websites in a new browser window.

Each of the above come with its advantages and the hence interactive hotspot is quite a useful tool in the hands of the promoter/marketer. Many online tools enable the marketer to create interactive hotspots for his videos. Examples of tools include Camtasia (for Mac), Marvel (a general tool). Besides there are other tools like Invision, framer, Flinto, Pixate and the list is never-ending. The marketer needs to understand that the interactive hotspot can only created to the asset already added to the timeline. Thereafter, he can provide options like i) pause at the end, ii) URL, iii) marker, iv) Time & v) Click to continue.

Now let us briefly understand the steps to create an interactive hotspot using Marvel.

1) Open ‘Dropbox; account to start using Marvel.

2) Go to and sign.

3) Create & name the project (the creator has additional options such as sharing the project with a team, password protection etc).

4) Upload all the .png files to a folder in the Dropbox account (created in step 1 above).

5) Add “interactive areas” to images. Add hotspot to the image.

6) Observe the Hotspot Behaviour.

7) “Duplicate this hotspot” on the new window.

8) Manage and finalize ‘Preview ‘ and ‘sharing’ options.

Creation of interactive hotspots is as easy 1-2-3 and it provides the marketer an opportunity to ensure that visitors to his videos are harnessed to his playlist using this wonderful technique called “interactive hotspots’.


The Interactive hotspot allow to people to connect through video links you can directed towards on on another window. We have clearly explained about how to use Hotspot to create an interactive video.

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