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Guide to Create Highlight Clips for YouTube Live

Highlight Clips for YouTube Live

Highlight clips are those that created after the live streaming is over. These are the edited version of the live stream, and it is shortened to share with the audience. Highlight creating methods are different for both Stream Now and Events options. Here both the processes are explained in brief.

When ‘Stream Now’ option used for the live stream, YouTube detect the frame rate and resolution of the stream. During live streaming choose the Create Highlight option that is present below the player. Get Player Time option is used to start and end of the clip time. Processing the highlight clip is done by clicking on ‘Upload’ option. In this way, you can create some multiple highlight clips during the live stream. The processed clips can see in the Video Manager Upload section. Similar to other videos, the metadata and the custom thumbnails added to these clips before sharing.

If you are using Events for live streaming, do not enable ‘Archive Recording’. Mark the starting and end points off on the preview player timeline with Create Highlight option. The clips are then ‘Uploaded’ for processing. Any number of highlight clips can create in this method. Find the uploaded processed files in Video Manager and add metadata and custom thumbnail to them.

Highlight clips of live streaming attract thousands of viewers. Highlight clips also have a long shelf life. After creating the highlight clips, fill the necessary fields such as title, description, privacy settings, tags etc. To maximise the views Add a catchy title, use all the keywords necessary to get high rank on social networking sites and choose the category to reach the target audience. These highlight clips can share on social network platforms, and official websites are can also be included in emails.

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