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Growth Statistics of OTT Industry in Brazil [Study]

OTT Industry in Brazil

Over-The-Top Content (OTT) is delivery, by the third party, of audio, video and other media. Always, the channel that will use in this process is an Internet. The ISP is aware of the content of the ‘packets’ being used to deliver the OTT, but he has no role to play either to view, control the distribution of the same. OTT Industry in Brazil is unique in itself that it differs from purchase/rental of video/audio from ISP. Everything about OTT Industry in Brazil is explained here.

OTT Industry in Brazil

Despite the enormous increase in number and usage of smartphones, the revenues of telecom companies offering SMS package are declining steadily. This decline is directly attributable to the concept of OTT. The number of smartphone user using OTT communications services is expected to be around 2.1 billion by the end of 2017. This one statement amply suggests the importance and popularity of OTT.

Brazil is considered a country offering a promising future for OTT. Brazil is a country in South America with a population of more than 200 million (July 2014 estimates). Coming to OTT in Brazil, this Latin American country has around 20 million Pay TV subscribers and is the biggest market for this concept in all Latin American countries. As Pay TV penetration is below 30%, there is huge potential for growth of Pay TV.

The industry is upbeat with an expected expansion of 300% till 2018. Though the business estimates are encouraging, certain ground level issues need to handled before enjoying the huge potential of Brazil in OTT market. Brazil has slow broadband speeds, and most of the population are devoid of credit cards (for making online payment etc.). This issue is to be resolved at the earliest to ensure proper revenue models once the industry starts getting rewards for its potential.


OTT industry in Brazil is different from other countries. Once if you check the Statistics of OTT Industry in Brazil that will show you the perfect way how the Brazilian people use Over the Top Content.

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