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How to Growth Hack from 0 to 5 Million YouTube Video Views

YouTube Video Views

As a YouTube vlogger everyone wants to escalate the traffic for their channel by getting a huge number of views. This could explore the ideology of the YouTuber in creating the ultimate video content with a hidden talent. If you are struggling to get millions of YouTube Video Views then the below-revealed secrets will be helpful to swap the boundless traffic.The strategies to increase YouTube Video Views can be found here.

Analyze your Videos day by day:

The first thing that a YouTuber should remember is to analyze the videos that you have uploaded and as well as competitors frequently, and this can give an idea to sketch the better video content for the upcoming videos.

Real-Time Analytics:

To run the channel without fluctuations then just keep your eye on real-time analytics. That shows the complete overview of the data with the browsing details and the location of the viewer. So that you can prefer video content of location-based for everyday traffic.

A/B Test your Video Content:

A/B testing is essential to identify the quality of your Videos. Through this, you can make amendments by comparing with the previou video uploads.

Best use of Titles, Description and Tags:

YouTuber must focus on the titles, description and tags of the video content that means that the title should be unique and attractive while looking at it.Try to insert the most commonly used tags.

A/B Test YouTube Video Thumbnails:

YouTube video thumbnails will play a vigorous role in eye-catching of the user to watch the video. So must pick the best suitable one in drawing the concentration of the viewers by choosing from the selection of a user.

Focus on Watch Time:

You should focus on which video the viewers are spending much time and the average time spent by each user on every video. Hence, you can make the audience to spare little more time by adding a bit of stuff to that video content that adds YouTube Video Views.

Make Subscriber Happy:

The content should not be repeated or duplicated from the others. That means the subscriber will always look for the fresh and watchable content that never had before.

Make subscribers feel happy by eradicating the boring junk videos.

Use Social Media for overall Reach and Branding of your Channel:

To make your channel go viral then the most significant aspect is branding your channel through social media.

Use Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to promote your channel.

Create better Videos, not advertisement:

Always go for creating the indistinguishable videos that should switch the unexpected count of subscribers and views.

Concentrate on existing Subscribers:

Consider the reviews of the present subscribers for the video they watch and then go on making improvements according to their requirements.This can stick the subscribers to your channel for a long period of time.


A YouTuber should have a specific strategy to seize the traffic with millions of viewers while running a YouTube Channel. These are most notable things to get unbeatable success as a vlogger.

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