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Top 10 Websites for Green Screen Video Footage

Green Screen Video

If you are making a film or doing a video project and you are on a budget, then use the green screen video footage to reduce costs. But from where can you get the footage. There are some websites online from where the footage can be downloaded.

1. Shutterstock Video has more than two million royalty free videos. Aerial shots, celebrities and time lapse footage are some of the categories in which footage is available.

2. Hollywood Camera Work is the place to download VFX plates. Linking back to the website, not hosting the videos yourself are some of the things to do to use the videos for free.

3. The Green Screen Films website offers video footage that can be used for a commercial. Prices range based on web quality.

4. Video Block’s website offers stock green screen footage in various categories. The clips are hundred percent royalty free.

5. Dissolve website offers high-quality footage that can be used for in advertising and others. The quality is very high and this clip might be affordable only to the high budget filmmakers.

6. At iStock, the users can download one free video for the first time, but later have to pay for every download.

7. Go to Pond 5 to download green screen footage. The downloads are royalty free.

8. Green Screen Animals offers videos of animals as the name suggests. The footage is unique and the prices are high.

9. Dreamstime offers animal and travel footage in 2D and 3D and these are royalty free footage.

10. Footage Island is the place to search for free footage for professional or personal use.

The above are the best sites to download green screen video footage. Some of them offer one-off sales and others run on membership scheme.

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