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Grabyo – Real-time TV and Video Clip Sharing Platform




Grabyo - Real-time TV and Video Clip Sharing Platform

Grabyo is the real-time video platform which can be a measurable platform based on the cloud. It enables the broadcasters and the publishers to create and distribute the content along with the monetizing of the video clips in real-time across the platforms and as well as across the devices. The platform also offers the opportunity to drive the better fan engagement and distribution to the broadcasters.

The platform partnered with the Facebook and Twitter platforms for services related to the videos across the globe to the various clients including the international broadcasters and the different federations and content distribution clubs in the Europe and as well as to North America. The platform is capable of cloud-based video which is fast, easy and optimized for the better social engagement.


The clips can be broadcast live using the cloud-based editing tools and also helps in sharing the videos instantly across the social platforms. It also allows better revenue from the sponsorship and ads along with the social campaigns. It also allows users to measure the performance of their videos and can optimize in real-time. The platform also enables the creation of the dynamic metadata related to the videos within the platform. The services were also streamlined to the mobile viewing.

It allows users to quickly edit and share the clips sent to video cloud Grabyo Studio. These file stored in remote asset Grabyo Studio provides multi-bitrate data for remote access storage and distribution. Video clips can be shareable through social media platforms through the Grabyo player and send it video cloud. This will optimize video for speed and delivery.


  • Fast sharing of video clips
  • Good engagement with the video clips within 20 minutes after sharing.
  • Quick editing ability
  • Attractive thumbnail editing tools
  • High definition bitrates streaming
  • Integration of platform
  • Simple tools
  • Video Monitization
  • Platform Integration
  • 80% of Users from mobile viewing


Grabyo is real-time TV and video clip sharing platform, that allows sharing video clips on social media platform. The video clips may be of personal or video ads to publish on TVs and many forms.

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