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GoPro’s New Fusion 360 Camera [Review]

GoPro Fusion is a new action Camera entering into the world of 360-degree view. GoPro Fusion allows users interact with the new way of an approach using the 360-degree view. This action camera manufactured to make significant VR effects and announced GoPro New Fusion action camera for Virtual Reality Content.

The company announced that GoPro is taking to next level of VR content, it can pilot 5.2K spherical camera it’s featured as all six GoPro cameras in one for filming 360-degree content state of the art of spherical view. It provides immersive 5.2K VR view as well as interactive videos and images.

Key Features of GoPro’s New Fusion 360 Camera:

Fusion 360 cameras work as a 360-degree action camera and highly advanced feature such as the capability of capturing high-resolution 5.2K with 30fps videos and photos.

It can create impressive content and included over capture a new solution to captures on VR content as well as 360-degree action filming 360-degree spherical action edges.

The Fusion can capture 360-degree video footage for images you can drag and move to the area surrounding while you watching on PC or mobile devices. As we all know new mobile VR app has arrived for YouTube video views.

GoPro announced that “ Fusion is equal to six GoPro cameras combined into one action camera”. It works at GoPro mounts and headless accessories so which makes easier for transporting.

GoPro fusion was designed fully functional for both on VR and non-VR captures which allow highly professional videos and photos. Because of its fusion 5.2K features, it can automatically convert over captured creativity.

According to GoPro’s announcements “they are going to work with closely partners, pilots partner, agencies, brands and content professionals”.They will roll out during this summer of 2017.

Fusion is best handheld device best seen with VR devices on Mobile phones. It has released the official video the quality of the footage was extraordinary and is useful for any type of activity.

GoPro’s fusion is the waterproof and rugged camera, featured with two lenses one on another side of the device. Fusion can compatible with all range of GoPro mounts and accessories.

The details about price and more details about where to order were not yet announced, we hope they will come up with all details soon.


GoPro announced a new Fusion 360 action camera of 5.2K can create immersive effects on the 360-degree world. This is an ultimate guide to go deeper about GoPro’s New Fusion 360 Camera.

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