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GoPro Virtual Reality Live Streaming Cameras and Tools


Virtual reality has changed the world and new improvements and implementations were carrying across the globe. GoPro is one of the Famous Company in virtual reality firms across the world.

GoPro Virtual Reality

GoPro Company is officially launching the virtual reality channel for the 360-degree video play which named as GoPro VR. Along with this, the company also launched a HERO Cast wireless which is a streaming tool for Virtual Reality videos which also called a Live VR.

GoPro VR consists of a Virtual reality Headset which supports both iOS and Android platform. The platform is planning to host the curated GoPro VR video content that is similar to the on-demand video channel which works as regular footage. The spherical video or virtual reality video content initially covers the sponsored athlete and other artists. It is going to cast the user-generated video content, and technically the GoPro virtual reality platform has acquired the Kolor eyes along with the video stitching software.

GoPro Virtual Reality Omni

GoPro has revealed the final design of the Omni which can cost up to $3000. The whole package may cost up to $5000 which includes memory cards, cables, Kolor editing software, etc. if you have six cameras, then you can own a rig which costs 1500$. The rig is the frame for the Cameras, and it has the hardware that helps the six cameras to operate at a time with a remote system. The Omni VR consists of an aluminum rig and six Hero4 cameras which prices under $5000US. The device is light in weight and can be suitable for the action shots which can capture the 8k videos.

GoPro Virtual Reality Live Streaming Cameras

360 Hero cameras

360 Hero cameras are expensive cameras with 3D rig configurations. The main problem with the Go Pro camera is the choice of the head for the 360-degree video camera which is nonreliable as it is incapable of handling the data rates continuously. The users need a live stitch from the micro HDMI outputs which can easily break.

GoPro Virtual Reality Live Streaming Tools

Live streaming has become the most ongoing trend. From live streaming apps release to present virtual reality live streaming, has become the biggest buzz across the web. There various live streaming tools in GoPro VR live streaming camera. The GoPro VR is a new tool for wireless streaming which named as a live VR. The VR headset is friendly for both platforms of iOS and Android applications. The platform mainly features the curated Virtual Reality providing the 360-degree video content.

All these above are the specifications of the new GoPro camera and the information about the new channel by GoPro for virtual reality content.

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