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Guide to GoPro Omni for Shooting 360 VR Videos

GoPro Omni

GoPro makes professional 360-degree virtual reality made easy that anyone can use it. The Omni camera was equipped with an array of six cameras as the GoPro devices use the Hero 4 black cameras. A complete Omni kit can be available at $5000 which included the six heroes four cameras, Micro SD cards, batteries, stitching software and much more. Here is a step by step guide to shooting virtual reality video 360 with GoPro Omni camera.

Guide for using GoPro Omni to shoot 360-degree video

It is straightforward to start and stop the recording on Omni and no need to worry about the footage as the rig automatically tracks using a clap. After the capturing the footage you can get a quick preview of the Omni importer software; it gives more options for the different colour correction as well as the stabilisation.

The camera one act as the primary on of all other five cameras and you can configure the different changes for all cameras by adjusting the camera one. The multi GoPro VR rigs will consume time as you have to fix changes in all cameras with identical settings.

Once you done with the settings on the first camera, simply press the red button on GoPro remote which starts the red light on all six cameras. All cameras will start and as well as stop at one time during testing.

The camera one acts as the main controller for other cameras in Omni-rig and also provides the signal for the synchronization in order to ensure the cameras to start at same time.

After finishing the shoot you can simply remove the microSD cards and readers. The software automatically stitches the six video streams and make a final output like an equirectangular clipping.

Three different quality versions are there to choose and it depends upon the power of PC or Mac. The Omni importer software stitches and also manages the data which saves lot of time and effort.

Finally, the new GoPro Omni is best for shooting 360 VR footage. If your choice is for professional entry then choose Monoscopic 360 content with GoPro package is the best choice you can go with.

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