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GoPro HD HERO4 Black Edition Camera and Business Live Streaming [Review]

GoPro HD HERO4 Black Edition Camera and Business Live Streaming [Review]

Now everything is going on with 4k cameras, which gives the very high resolution for the recorded video. To have more entertainment while capturing the video GoPro HD Hero 4 has arrived with stunning additional services.
The recorded video in this camera will give the real-time experience of being in that situation.

Features of GoPro HD HERO4:

The main upgrade that has been featured in it is that it can capture the 4k videos of 30, 24 0r 25 frames per second.

It supports users to activate the superview mode which could be wider angle for different resolutions.

The user can record 2.7k videos at 24, 25, 30, 48 or 50 frames per second.

It can be used to capture the moments of very slow motion videos.

It gives the image with the extensive exposer to hold the astounding at the night time especially.

It has two more additional capabilities that we can get the videos in flat profile and color profile mode.

The settings button is built on the front of the cam to access the required files easily.

We can manage the GoPro settings on mobile by downloading GoPro app through wifi.

It supports up to 64 GB micro sd card and a microphone to have a fine voice for the recorded video.

How to Live Stream from GoPro Hero 4 to PC:

First of all, you just need to download the GoPro app of FFMPEG on your system.

Now starting pair GoPro Hero 4 with the system by clicking the pair option in that app.

At the same time swipe, the enable pair mode and then press the wifi button on camera by providing the pin.

Then it shows the successful completion of pairing.

Using ffplay:

Now open command prompt then gives the ffplay – f mpegts – i udp: // by selecting the Hero4 then it gives the local IP of…….

Enter the IP in command prompt then the warning message will be notified then hit on allow access.

You can view the live streaming.

Using VLC:

Go to media then open network stream by clicking the stream.asx which shows the play option.

Then it starts live streaming.

How to Livestream on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter using GoPro

On twitter:

Just download the apps of GoPro and Periscope on mobile.

Make connections of GoPro Hero 4 to mobile by using the app.

Click the ‘connect your camera’ then choose the Hero 4 as our desired one.

Just hit on continue and then go to periscope then click the broadcasting option.

This automatically directs to start broadcasting icon then start clicking on to live stream on Twitter.

On Facebook:

Just get a Live4 app on mobile and hit on ‘+’ by using login details of Facebook.

Then select start on a button and cli9ck the record option by sharing option.

Now it starts live streaming on Facebook.

On YouTube:

Click on YouTube live icon then get server URL and key.

Give FFmpeg link on command prompt as given to connect on PC and the tool of streaming in camera mode.

After a while, it starts streaming of live recording.


To get the incredible experience of joy from the World just go on with GoPro HD HERO 4 in hand while making tours. While you are away from the family, this will bring them closer to you.

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