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Google’s Yi Halo VR Camera to Capture 8K 3D 360 Degree Videos [Review]

Google's Yi Halo VR Camera to Capture 8K 3D 360 Degree Videos [Review]

Google has released the unbeatable device YIHALO 3D- 360-degree camera to provide complete refreshment for the users of regular video cameras with the advanced features.


It has been designed to have the viewing experience of real-time activity in all directions with fidelity and stereo effects of 3D- 360-degree recording.

It has been equipped with up camera to capture all moments.

It produces 8kx8k stereo of high-quality VR content that never seen before.

YIHALO will be the best suit to have the facilities like Shutter, ISO, EV, WB and flat color to make the highly qualified images with innovative settings to give the professional work for the video we shoot.

It utilizes only the power of 50 Watts and when continuously recording the recharge of the battery remains more than 100 minutes.

The charging of battery and YIHALO will be powered simultaneously by using the given AC adapter.

V- mount outer batteries are maintained by YIHALO.

It has been equipped with 5GHz Wi-Fi that is completely compactable with Android app to operate by remotely.

After capturing we can preview the video to create the extraordinary moment.
It also has the LCD touch screen facility of the control panel as a built-in service.

It has been provided with a built-in tripod of 1/3and 3/8 sockets.

To survive in the critical conditions it has been equipped with Pelican 1610 case.

This camera has the capability of 8kx8k 360-degree 3D videos at 30fps and at 60fps it can hold 6kx6k 3D 360-degree videos.

By using this camera we can capture for a long time of 100 seconds continuously with no charging for the battery.

Complete equipment of Google’s YIHALO:

It contains the Bluetooth remote control, two screwdrivers, charger, two backup cameras, four backup power cables and power cable all together termed as Google’s Yi Halo VR Camera kit.


This is going to flatter the hearts of the cam users and demolish the ongoing devices that have been presently running in the market. This is the same device from the world brand ambassador Google which has arrived with the ultimate features that each video professional needed. Hurry up don’t waste your time to think just go and buy right now.

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