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GOM Player Review Play Local 360° Video Files

GOM Player Review

GOM Player is a multimedia player can handle all types of types of audio and video files including the local 360-degree video files. GOM Player Review can reveal excellent hidden features of GOM Player which especially play on local 360-degree video files.

GOM Player Review : Best Features

GOM Player can be downloaded with a single click. The interesting thing is that GOM player can open the YouTube links and play the 360-degree Virtual Reality videos. It can be an alternative to Windows Media Player.

GOM Player can handle even 360 degrees VR videos from YouTube. Though the player is not very popular at the moment, the popularity is expected to grow in the coming days. The player has the simple and clean interface.

Since there are only very few playback buttons, menu system needs to be navigated to change the videos or sound settings. GOM Player comes with built-in search tools. It also supports subtitles making it convenient to watch videos without sound.

Installing the GOM player is sneaky. Various unwanted programs like the web browser plugins are installed in the express set up option. It might change the default search engine and also the home page.

Choose the custom installation option instead so as to prevent installation of unwanted extra programs.

GOM Player is the best player that can play VR 360 degree videos. The mouse or the keyboard is used to watch the videos from up, down, left and right. The Player also provides play and search functions for 360 YouTube videos.

To play the VR content, GOM Player needs to be downloaded and installed to the Windows PC or Mac systems. A VR video headset is needed. Download some 360 movies or videos.

Open the video in GOM media player by dragging and dropping it in the player. Double click on the VR video, wear the headset enjoy the 360 degrees VR videos.

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