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Global SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) Statistics

Global SVOD Statistics

The subscription video on demand was gaining popularity and some millions of people on the web were viewing and producing the more content than they viewed. Many companies have made their research reports on the SVOD growth on the web. There are very stunning statistics towards the SVOD across the globe. The top Household subscriptions in the United Kingdom chosen from the Amazon, Prime and many other platforms which offer SVOD services. It noticed that more than 5 million to 8 million people got subscribed to the SVOD in the UK itself.


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The global subscriber rate for SVOD is about 200m which is expected to be at 2020 with the households across the globe. According to the forecasting and estimation reports on SVOD, it predicted that by the 2020 year Netflix might cross 65m, Amazon Prime with 40m and Hulu was expected to be with 10m and much more. The using of the TV sets was getting lowered in the UK because SVOD costs are very allowed compared to the other services. So, people ate preferring the cheap and best all the time.


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Previously, SVOD services watch through laptops and PC’s and they can’t be useful for Family viewing. But, today the smart TV’s basing on the internet allows the SVOD services and let the people view with their family simply on their TV’s as the content can be connected wirelessly from any device to the TV sets which resulted in enormous statistical growth towards the SVOD.

Some of the fantastic subscription video on demand platforms which are being at the top position to provide the customer satisfaction through ultimate services of SVOD. They are Google Play, Netflix, iTunes, Amazon video and HULU.

After the arrival of SVOD in the market, the issues of cord cable has demolished and every user entertained through their user-friendly services like providing discounts on long-term subscriptions.


These are the rarely available statistics of SVOD and this sketch how much demand it has acquired from the past to present, and this is playing trending role.

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