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Getting Started Guide to YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube launched a dedicated virtual reality app for video content. Virtual reality app was part of Daydream, a mobile VR operating system based on Android. The app will work for Cardboard and also Daydream viewer.

YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube Virtual Reality app allows seeing the virtual reality videos and 360 video content using the headsets and devices that it supports.

YouTube VR App turns the videos on virtual reality platform a beautiful experience. The YouTube VR app works well with Daydream View headset. When using the VR app for a long time, it is recommended to use Daydream view headset for more comfort.

YouTube VR app can be enjoyed with Google cardboard and Daydream View headset and others. The app supports Pixel or Pixel XL devices, and soon more devices will be made to support the app. This app is available for the device that runs on Android 7.1+.

How to Install and Use YouTube Virtual Reality App

YouTube VR app can be downloaded and installed from Google Play Store. Virtual Reality app can browse all the videos on YouTube. Immerse yourself in the 360-degree experience. Use the theatre mode to watch the videos on the virtual big screen.

Users can watch the videos enjoying the lean-back experience. You can switch to voice and keyboard controls.

Best Features of YouTube Virtual Reality App

The YouTube Virtual Reality app allows exploring the site. All the 360 3D videos on YouTube can be browsed and watched. Subscribe to it and watch the subscriptions, playlists etc. before this you need to sign in going to Account sign in and choosing the account that you want to use.

To browse the videos on the home screen or to browse them in playlists, scroll up and down. Click the App button on the controller and click the Grid icon. There are two ways to search for specific videos in YouTube VR – voice search and keyboard search.

For Voice searching click the Search button and select voice. Say the search term. For Keyboard, click the search button, select keyboard and type the search term. The selections include 360 degrees, Live, 3D, and 4K.

The VR control content can control with the VR app button on the controller or by clicking the touchpad. This way you can access the player buttons. Using the player controls, you can increase or decrease the sound, go to previous or next video or adjust the viewing settings. The user can also turn off the captions or choose the desired language for captions.

Video quality, the curved screen on or off toggling, changing the environment are also possible with the player controls. Player controls are also used to zoom in or out the videos that are not 360 degrees. Slide the finger down on the touchpad to zoom out and up to zoom in.

The YouTube VR app that will be available first time on Daydream can turn any YouTube video content which is not built for VR viewing into an immersive experience. Theater mode is used to get this experience.

VR format is going to be a popular means of storytelling, according to Google. Most of the video created in the format now is in the experimental phase. To use the YouTube VR app, you will require a Daydream ready phone like Pixel and the headset.

The app presents a bigger screen than the television screen about ten feet from the user. Few users found the YouTube video streaming when the internet connection is not strong. Some users say that drawbacks of YouTube VR are the streaming and advertising.

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