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Getting Started Guide to Google Video-Calling App Duo

Google Video-Calling App Duo

Google kept its promise. Its promise to offer video calling app became a reality on 15th August 2016. Though initially, it is available for select regions, the app DUO is scheduled to be available across the globe in a phased manner.Duo is an app (available across various operating systems) which is available at play store for download, and the best part of the story is that downloading as well as use is free.

The video calling is immediately created doubts in some of the analysts regarding the security and Google has been quick to confirm that all calls are encrypted end-to-end and hence they are secure.No unauthorized person can listen to these conversations.Now that the DUO is quite interesting for the prospective users, given below is the step by step process to download, install, configuration and use the DUO.

Installation procedure:

• Open play store

• Search Google Duo.

• Click on Install button.

• Downloading & installation is over.


• After installation, click on the open button on DUO icon.

• Accept the conditions.

• Accord all permissions as prompted by the app.

• Verify your mobile number.

• Select the country (it is not selected and shown automatically) and enter the mobile number in the space provided.

• Verify the code (it will be entered automatically).

Use of DUO:

• Once DUO is installed on your mobile, click on the icon.

• On the app getting launched, your face will appear on the screen.

• Initiate the video call

• Select the contact (from the drop down list of contacts).

• Start video calling.

As always, Google kept the whole process (of video calling through DUO) very simple in terms of installation, configuration and usage as well. Now that the app is going to be available for the whole of the world very shortly, the callers will be more thrilled for using DUO.

Despite the hue and cry about DUO, there are still certain limitations that are affecting the performance of DUO.


Google Duo is the new trending app from Google, and it is the most exciting app that it has been born from the world stunning search engine ‘Google.’ By using this app, you might get an idea of how the Google Due is different from other running apps.

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