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Top 10 Best Ways to Watch German Movies Online For Free



German Movies

People love watching free movies online. Feature films in various languages are available online. Thousands of German Movies can be accessed online, and the only problem is to find the great sites and fin exciting movies on them.


YouTube is the most popular video sharing site and is also one of the best Websites for matching German movies. Browse the list of free movies, and one can find many must-see movies on this site.


ZDF is the best place to find original German movies and also the dubbed ones. Enjoy the movies in different categories.


MDR is another channel that has a free library of films and shows in the German language. Check back the channel frequently for new releases.

Das Erste:

Das Erste is one site that offers a variety of German films. Apart from the movies live streaming of German television shows is also available here.


Fandor has a large collection of movies in the German language. This is a paid site, but one can see German film with a free trial for a few days. is another site where free German films can be watched online. However, this channel is only accessible in a few countries. is another place where limited numbers of few films can watch for free. is another site for watching free movies without any registration. is another site where one can find foreign language films and watch them for free.

Midnight pulp:

Midnight pulp is another site where one can watch German films in different categories for free.

Many free online movie sites carry viruses, and so it is essential to be careful when choosing the legitimate sites. The governments block some of the sites in some countries as online streaming of movies for free is considered an offense.

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