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Top 10 Game Play Streaming Video Platforms

Game Play Streaming Video

The online gameplay video streaming platforms allow playing the video games to an audience instead of playing just to you. Allow others to enjoy your performance and by becoming popular it is possible to earn a living on this also.Below are the Top 10 Game Play Streaming Video Platforms.

Game Play Streaming Video Platforms

1. is the most popular streaming video game service. It allows sharing of demos, walkthrough etc to the audience.

2. YouTube Gaming is the place to watch of broadcast gaming live streams and videos. This can be accessed both on the desktop and the android device.

3. is another platform that can be accessed for free. Use this to get little benefits though this is not the most popular service.

4. Mirrativ is another free game play video streaming platform. Streaming is possible with the Android apps.

5. Ustream is a streaming platform not focusing on gaming alone. Subscribers can make use of the streaming software and HD streams are possible.

6. allows streaming high-quality streams. Viewers can interact with the gamers. Other features are chat casting capabilities, superior streaming technology and unique tools sets for broadcasters.

7. Gaming Live allow east setting up of live streams for the href=””>gamers.

8. Dailymotion is another great streaming platform for gamers. Use the applications of DailyMotion Gamers for iOS and Android devices and also for Playstation 4.

9. InstaGib is another site for live streaming online. The site has basic layouts and the service is free.

10. Steam Broadcasting is another streaming platform that allows the players to see the play of each other.

Game play is the biggest thing happening and this is the best time to get on board. Choosing the service depends on the personal needs of the gamer or the streamer. Using the YouTube gaming helps the pre-existing audience. Twitch is another best bet to climb up the ranks.

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