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5 Game-Changing YouTube Platform Trends for 2019

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There are several changes that have been made in the social media trends in 2018. We can expect further directions in the year 2019 on YouTube platform which can be game-changing trends.

The adaptations of the new developments were made on the social platforms to reach the next stage of development.

With the latest technology and digital revolution, the factors are becoming more favorable for the better usage of trends. Here are some five game-changing trends on YouTube platform for 2019.

YouTube 360 Video Growth

The new 360-degree video format was first introduced on YouTube platform only.

Later it was announced by other platforms like Facebook. The 360-degree videos were very soon can be integrated into the video marketing strategies as it can provide a very different high quality and innovative experience to the audience.

YouTube Kids App for more Countries

YouTube kid’s app has become very famous as the platform was providing kids friendly video content with different features with user-friendly parent controls over the application. it also increased the watch time of the platform and many people have voted the app as the best one.

So, very soon it is going to start in more countries with new developments in its features in 2019.

YouTube Red with more quality content for more Countries

YouTube Red application has become very famous and adding more visitors as its subscribers.

In 2019 the YouTube red can be more improved with high quality content and can be accessible to more countries with its expansion.

YouTube Gaming Growth

YouTube was already a step forward in gaming competing with the Twitch. It has already provided very comfortable features for the gamers.

We can expect new features which can turn every gamer towards the YouTube gaming platform very soon in 2019.

YouTube Vertical Video Growth

Vertical video is nine times more engaging than the traditional view as the users are interested in watching without rotating their mobile phones to watch the next clip number of times.

We can also expect the reducing black screen at top and bottom and increase in the video watch screen in 2019 which can be the next big thing.

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