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Free YouTube Thumbnail Tools for Non-Designers

Free YouTube Thumbnail Tools are very important. THumbnails are the initial thing your viewers see when they’re exploring your YouTube channel. If you are searching for some software tools that can help you with the creation of YouTube Thumbnail Tools, then you are on the correct page that will give the detailed information in below of top 15 tools.


iMovie is the best software which is suitable for smartphones with very interactive mobile phone version that allows simple editing features along with quick editing results.

For the use of natural access to thumbnails creations from any time and anywhere, it can store on portable devices.

It is not so suitable for MacBooks, but most of the users wish to save it to use anywhere at anytime.


Pixlr website where you can feel free to add overlays to your thumbnails and is unique designs app version as well known. When compared with available online solutions, the choice of filters is also good with a high-end resolution.

Photo Editor:

Photo Editor used to adjust the sharpness, brightness, redeye, etc., by adding stickers and frames. This app can create our meme with our images.

It will automatically change your image to both top and bottom text. For getting more interested, you can merely add YouTube thumbnail to fix it for sharing on

Insta Collage:

It can create beautiful collages in brief time with its unique feature. The users can have the smooth interface on other platforms, As it is a tool comes with easy editing and sharing functionality.

It also uses the image saved to your phone to share on your Instagram feed, so that all the YouTube viewers can view your video.


This YouTube thumbnail has another app called Tropic which helps you to customize to share specifically to Instagram. Using Cropic, take a video-sized image and fit it to the Instagram size requirements and can also add text and texture to the frame.

Little Moments:

This app gives a unique look at their daily challenge submissions. It provides the ability to crop, change text color and sizes. It will add the different look to your YouTube thumbnail image.


BeFunky is an editing App that has different filter options. This app also has a collage maker.

This powerful photo editor can do the collection of tools ranging from the starting edits of crop, exposure, and sharpen, to more artistic effects like Digital Art, Cartoonizer, and our Artsy Effects.


Rhonna has unique fonts and text overlays. It has new features of seasonal images, icons, and texts.

RD Magic:

RD Magic is the partner app to Rhonna designs, and it allows you to add some more additional filters and layers.


It can be used to insert images and text into a collage perfect for Instagram sharing.


Picmonkey’s premium membership with a single registration gives the possibility to get access to numerous filters, exclusive overlays, fonts, frames and extra beautifying touch up type tools. There is an excellent collection of this device with independent effects like Ombre, zombify, premium fonts and Mirror.


Fotor gives you a chance to re-discover your art and skills without any limitation as it offers all fast editing services online.


It is preferably used for collage making, graphic designing and as a photo editor. It has the online site of


It is simple to use and contains the interactive user interface that is suitable for professionals as well as new beginners.


This platform is beneficial for graphic designers as it offers incredible features. The simple to use drag and drop type functions are efficient, and the effects available for your Thumbnail Creation include free stock type photos, Illustrations, Lines, Shapes, Frames, Grids, Background, and Text, etc. The quick customer support
facility is appreciable. It is a free tool that can access through its official site


Designing a professional YouTube thumbnail not only helps to improve YouTube channels brand but also attracts visitors and viewers to your site. The above mentioned YouTube thumbnail tools are very much useful to explore your channel.


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